What shall I learn next? In a rut


Hello everybody! I am in a trick rut and I am not sure what to learn and so I can create more tricks… Inspiration… Yeah

Here are the tricks I know

All of begginer, intermediate advanced 1 and advanced 2
Jade whip
Rock the boat
Man over board
Skin the gerbil
Wrist mount
Grind Transfer
Gyro flop
Thumb grind transfer
DitB via Jade
Bucket hops
All versions of Wrist mount
Yuuki Slack
Gorilla Hands
Riggs Tower
Ninja Vanish
McTwist Combo with Fries

I enjoy tech and I am terrible at rejections
Slack is fun, but crazy lacerations are not my thing


I am working on Gary li’s funky giraffe right now it’s a fun trick so far plus it fits your bill fairly well.


Rancid milk or this one: http://youtu.be/8DlwuG-HLJE


Try decoding some Anthony Rojas stuff and then work on your tutorial skills by making one and posting it for me. :wink:

Grandma Kimmit Sandwich if you like techy stuff.


Ooh. I like that trick. I’ll try to decode something :slight_smile:


Just got Grandma Kimmitt Samich! :smiley:

Working on Funky giraffe now!


yuuki spencers soiled panties is an incredible trick once you get it smooth. Have you took a look at the clyw cabin tutorials? all of those are sick as well haha. :slight_smile: