Yet Another "What Trick Shall I Learn Next" ;)

Alright, so, I have learnt quite a few tricks, and I can’t decide what trick I should learn next. Here are all the tricks I have learned

All of beginner
All of intermediate
All of advanced prt. 1
Almost all of advanced prt. 2 except for magic drop, shockwave, over-under boings, and iron whip
Skin the Gerbil
Jade whip
Wrist Mount
Thumb grind transfer
Grind Transfer
Drop in the bucket Via/ jade
Bucket Hops
Sea sick
Magic trick
Stop 'n go dat triangle
Double tower
Trapeze Tower
Brazilian whip
That shutter trick

I found that Technical tricks were a lot easier for me to Learn than slacks, however the first expert trick I learned was Jade Whip.

Candy Slack! Great trick, great trick…

Ima bump dis.

Watch tutorial videos, when you see one you like then learn it.

Try Rancid Milk

I’ve been looking a lot, but I was wondering what others would think, I’m going to modify The first post to go into detail on what tricks and what types of tricks I find easier. Sorry about that.

Will do!

I think it might be easy, but type in “yuuki Spencer yoyo trick tutorial” by gotriceful.