tricks worth learning

i was wanderin, wat r some impresive looking tricks
that are worth learning, at the moment i am learning
the advanced tricks off this site and i was wanderin
wat other tricks are out there, at the moment i can
do tricks like kwijibo, ninja vanish, bhuddas revenge,
cold fusion, matrix, plastick whip, thumb grinds, arm grinds…

Almost all the tricks on this site and are worth learning. You don’t need to learn every single trick, but most of them would be good. After that, you can start making up your own tricks and mainly doing those.

well after this you may think im crazy but, i tink you should learn and whut. Its actually pretty simple and i dont think it belongs in the master section. Other than that maybe gyro flop i was actually in intermediat when i learned gyro

By impressive looking, do you mean impressive to people who don’t yoyo, or people who play yoyo all the time? Techy tricks like Ladder escape don’t impress new people. People say “I can do that, just keep the yoyo still and play with the string!”

Simple, but I haven’t seen anyone do it as smooth as Andre.

learn endure and organized by gerard amento or

Please check the date of the last post before you post. This was over 2 months old, and the information you gave was already there. Thanks.