really technical tricks?

I am just looking for some really technical smooth tricks that maybe use some uncommon mounts. any ideas?

Any of Jensen’s tricks or if you’re not that advanced try ladder escape.

i already learned grandma kimmitt sandwich (wow it is hard, but i can handle whatever is thrown at me with enough time and effort). I already learned ladder escape, but then forgot it after a year long hiatus. i could re learn it but that isn’t as fun

Try some of these

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I should be putting out some more tutorials soon…I love tech tricks

With finding most technical tricks. It is literally a process of trying to make the weirdest knot you can, and getting out of it. No joke, it may sound stupid, but many of the very technical tricks I create and birthed upon the random process of expecting to get a knot, and finding out that something works very well.


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I actually realized that. I just have had a tough time finding new mounts to experiment with. the actual purpose of this thread is partially to learn new tricks, but also to learn new mounts and moves, and i find technical tricks always seem to lead to some interesting mount or another. But just refer tech tricks.

now that sounds my style… screw around, then fix it.

If you are looking for some technical trick tutoriald check out my youtube account:

Within it is my Z-tutorials for my 1a tricks in a Gopro overhead view for people to try out.

Take a look! It may surprise you.

i can confirm that zammy’s z-tutorials are excellent.

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any of zammy’s tricks are very nice looking. I personally learned Centrum and that is easy and fun trick right off trapeze

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There’s this guy on youtube that I found that has some cool stuff, his username is “Raytsh”:

Yeah I kinda do what Josh does to come up with technical tricks.

I usually start with a wrist mount, and then pop the Yo-Yo into some random string. I repeat this process until the strings are so tangled up that I just can’t do anything else. At this point I spend a couple hours figuring out how to undo what I did. Generally a trick created like this will seem pretty crappy when you first make it up, but as you start to get the movements nice and smooth it’ll start to look pretty cool.

Oh, and then I come up with some flashy new way to get into the wrist mount, so all my tricks tech tricks don’t start the same way :stuck_out_tongue: