What’s your favorite YoYo to freehand with (5A)

What YoYo do you prefer for some counterweight action?

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Werrd Doomsday!
Favourite shape for freehand and the DD does whatever I tell it. Other styles I do like a flatter rim though.

G2 covenant, OD free solo, DP wing weaver

BINGSU cause it was 20 bucks and I couldn’t care less if it goes flying


Currently the Yoyofactory R-type. Since I polished the rims on that thing I cant’seem to put it down.


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Dressel Designs emotion

Aww yeah baby I get to be the one who plays the style being talked about!!
I am a c3 stan, most of the yo-yos I use are c3, and I mostly do 5a, so I end up using c3 like 98% of the time. My favorites for 5a are the stellar ix, Galaxy diver, windoundary, and very rarely atlas. I know that most people either like super wide or super narrow for 5a, and I tend to fall on the former. Apart from efans, butterflies, and spirals a wide yo-yo just makes it so much easier to land my big bangers and aerials and weight throws and the like. Also a lot of my 5a style has multiple layers of string in the gap (for swirls, numas, stalls, pendulums etc) and a wide yo-yo makes it a lot more stable and tolerable than if you were to use a narrower yo-yo, but I know narrow ones also have benefits. If you fall into the latter category, I recommend Trion crash, digamma crash, cannon, cyber crash 2, Patronum, and pretty much any turning point or Duncan bimetal.