What’s up with Mowl-“X”

See one here and there, and let’s say I have a lead on one. But asking price is $300? For a mostly plastic throw I’m not understanding…

Are these released yet? Special in any way? Any info is much appreciated.

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Released only in JP really is my understanding, $300 is an absolutely insane price. There’s one on mercari right now for less than half that ($135, feel free to DM if you want the link, IMO that price is still insane, I’ve seen them move semi-often on mercari for around $70-100).

This one sold in a bundle very recently (22000 yen is $150):

The BST prices in JP are a biit lower than the US but definitely not THAT far off.


Yeah $300 is ridiculous.

If you really want one just DM mowl on insta and see if they have one they can sell you. They often do. It’s how I’ve gotten a lot of mowl stuff that isn’t in stock or was never stocked.

As far as special in any way. It looks pretty! It is also a fun hybrid.

Of the first run with spacers they made 66 each of at least two colours. They never released info about clear but as it was also around their 6th anniversary 66 is a fair guess. I suspect it was more. “2nd gen” has no spacers and is 0.1g heavier, at the center I assume.


Actually, I personally think the $300 price is justified.

I mean, after all, do you know how masterful the machinist have to be to put that extra 1/10 of a gram of weight at the center of the yo-yo?

We’re talking ninth level tech kind of stuff. This is design engineering technology that is beyond the grasp of the average genius. It’s borderline, dark side.

I thought stuff like this was just an accident… That nobody could be, that good… That there couldn’t possibly be a reason to alter the weight distribution of a yo-yo, by such an amount.

But the other day I found out the Earth has been inhabited by a race of super mutants that have blended right into our society.

It was never so apparent to me until the other day when I found out that Toyota is coming out with the new Tacoma pick up truck that is 1 inch longer than the current, one Toyota, figure it out that if they put that 1 inch of extra length at the front of the truck, When flying down a winding Mountain Road, the truck will get better mileage because of the extra velocity it picks up because of the extra mass contributing to the downward pull of angular gravity. Incredibly calculated that on an 18 mile downhill run the truck will get 1/10 of a mile of extra distance out of a gallon of gas

Impressive milestones seem to be the theme of the day.

Mowl Rules…


Thanks for the response! I guess that does justify it a little bit, but I’ve been messaging them on insta since last year and kinda left me hanging… so if you don’t mind sending that link I would really appreciate it!:call_me_hand:t3:

Ok, if we’re talking 10ths of fractions of grams equaling 100s of more dollars… makes me think this is something beyond my skill and wallet. But totally makes sense and I can definitely see short runs being worth it since youve put it in perspective. Thanks for taking the time to explain that!

This was for sure a joke comment please don’t take it seriously and spend $300 on this. I’m pretty sure I can reach out to Eric and see if he has a way to get you in contact with Mowl to see if they have any or he himself might. Mowl is great for sure, but I’m almost positive doc was joking.

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The X only retails for $100. It was for sale on the Mowl website a few days ago. Don’t pay $300 for one

Changed wording from “on sale” to “for sale” to avoid confusion

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Ok… seemed convincing… but ya I agree. :poop:

Please listen to James(yoyoexcellence).

I was TOTALLY joking.:joy:

I was just having fun with the absurdity of subject yo-yo.

That price($300) is ‘Unusual’ to say the least.

Just like a Magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat… I don’t have any idea where some people pull these prices ‘out of’?

My apologies if you mistook my low grade humor for facts.

Sometimes when I see something like, ‘1/10th of a gram weighting difference’ I run with that and generate an instant fictitious story simply to identify the silliness of it.

I forget that most of the newer members have little to no idea, that I actually ‘know a few things’ about yo-yos.

My Badd🥸


Awesome😂 no harm done lmao and I honestly thought that’s where you were headed but you made a hard argument bringing Toyota into the chat. Haha and I’m really not set on “needing” this one was really just curious what the deal was. So I appreciate it

The X may seem elusive but they can be found and come around, Those listings are resellers that sell Mercari items on ebay, they don’t even own those items. If you are interested in them go to the source. Mowl however warns about these resellers and also limits buyers to single pieces so they can’t resell at these higher mark ups. I haven’t played the new version of X yet without spacers, but hopefully @mowl will make this design more available.

Ok I figure it was people reselling for an absurd price… and Not hating on whoever runs the company but they’ve been giving me the run-around on insta. about release dates, and new drops and color ways for this particular throw since August 3, 2023 so I finally had to see for myself if these things even existed in the wild.

Hey bro, really?! Just know that they will do that!
Do they sell you at the price same as in Japan regualr price?
Just simply instagram to dm them? :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :open_mouth:

Yes, same as retail. It’s how I got the hybrid-H. I really only recommend it if it’s out of stock everywhere or was a limited Japan only run and you’re desperate. With shipping and possible customs it’s almost always better to just wait and get it from yye or the bst.

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definitely agree! Will try it next time!
Everytime mowl release a new product, there is a huge challenge to buy it even Japan local,
all gone in SECONDS. And you can find many reseller right after the release date, its really annoying