Mowl Daiki Fade Edition X

I don’t get what you mean, I’ve been playing my Mowl Daiki Fade Edition X a lot lately.

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Is this an unknown edition? @Exmime


No, its Mowl team member Daiki Tanaka Edition of X (Black and Clear aka Daiki Fade )

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How do you keep up to date on their releases? Just insta?

Email, FB and IG. This Daiki X is actually a 3rd run version of X and it has spacers from last years run. The new 4th Run Eric Tranton X version doesn’t have spacers.


There still in stock as well in Japan


Im looking for like denken or xipang stuff but its always soldout. I didnt know there was an email list! Will signup for that.

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This one was so fun to play.

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