Anyone subscribed to "The Monthly Throw"?


Not gonna link it since that would kinda be linking to another yo-yo store… but anyone subscribe to this service? I’m curious about if you feel it is worth it, etc.

An Amazing YoYo every Month

  • Get exclusive products from the top yoyo companies from around the world
  • Each month’s throw features a mix of the best of what is out there
  • Exclusives-colorways, colors & accessory kits and combos that you can only get here

They have do have some good exclusive colorways which I definitely like … and looking at their past choices, I’d give them a tentative :+1:?


It seems like a good way to quickly have way more throws than I would know what to do with. Some of those colorways are gorgeous though.


I guess YYE could offer a similar service by letting people subscribe to mystery boxes for a year :wink:

cough @AndreBoulay


I’m not subscribed yet - but it’s super intriguing. Great way to build your collection on yoyos you wouldn’t necessarily go for may be a gamble in my opinion, but are there really any bad yoyos at that price point anymore?


I don’t like how option 4 is $55 per month for a yo-yo worth “at least” $30… no thanks. Maybe if it was the other way around. I realize it “could be” up to $120 but if it’s at their discretion, no deal

(Mark Walker) #6

That 100 dollar quarterly Tier 3 looks really intriguing. Looking at the past draws, hmm. My collection is at the point, I mostly just want the 80-120 dollar yoyos. Yeah if there is a special budget metal I’ll bite. But there are so many 35-55 dollar yoyos that look and perform very closely. Four nice ones a year would be nice, but 400 a year locked in, ouch.

(Mathias) #7

I can confirm, at least to me, that this tier is worth the $55 a month.

(Mark Walker) #8

The 55 a month option is sold out because the tier 2 is sold out

(Mathias) #9

Ohh this is exciting. August may be a sweet throw.


Although I’ve never tried it, I like that it’s out there. I thought there was a decent chance it might not be around very long so I’m glad that it’s done well. It’s an interesting concept which you could see spiral off and be harnessed in different ways. I think it’s a good thing to introduce new throws to new people and add some suspense to the purchasing process, like with mystery boxes. It’s not for everyone but I’m glad it’s there.


It’s a cool idea. But I buy most every mystery box. So I don’t have too many extra funds to get an annual subscription. And I would probably prefer to spendmy money on a specific yoyo. Instead of getting random throw. Still a cool idea.