What mighty flea is better?

I want to buy a mighty flea… Should i buy a older flea… or one of the newer ones? Which is better?

The new one is the same as the last run. There’s an even earlier one that’s more of a “modified” shape. I haven’t heard anyone directly comparing them, but I can’t imagine the “modified” shape would be any better or more fun.

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Get a new one.

The really old ones, the different shaped ones, were way better in my opinion. I don’t get why yyf makes this horrible new version instead of the amazing old one…

Where can you still get the old ones?

From the BST if your lucky.

When a yoyo is as small as the Flea, I feel like the difference in shape is negligible. It isn’t meant to be a serious throw, something more fun, so I’d say you will be happy with either version.

Yeah, I paid full retail for the flea plus 100 strings, axle, replacement pads, keychain, all the flea things, for a used one of the original run. Looking forward to getting the new one with my next purchase.

The shopping list is growing. My bank account is screaming at me to stop.

But as a collector, I want them all…

That last run packaging is pretty close to being like a Pokeball, right? :wink:

I have no clue if one is better than the other. I have never thrown a Mighty Flea.

I would get a new one though because you won’t have to look for one on Ebay, BST, etc. for it.

I suspect the new one is the better one, as they are on their 3rd release and are re-releasing the newer design, which has a friendlier looking catch zone, and more weight out at the rims. That said, the original is a ton of fun.

Skip them all and get a yoyomonster 3Points. Amazing throw. And it’s 1 of 15 for you collectors out there.

Mighty Flea is smaller and cheaper.

Also what makes you think the 3Points is 1 of 15? Considering it’s been available for a few years and is still in stock I find it hard to believe so few of them exist.

Ordering the one here would be easiest, and safest. And with what everyone else is saying how the new ones probably just as good if not better… And… HEY! Wait a minute, I know you! :wink: :smiley:

Preference probably rules in this decision though :slight_smile: