What metal????

I came into a little bIt of money lately, and I thought I’d look for a metal I’n the 70-90 range, and I wad thinking of maybe a G5, Duncan mayhem, 888x, y factor, or a mm next. Could you give me your opinion on which I should get, if I play slack, and chostick play ( and I’m not particularly fond of hunstackacks) so just tell me which, and why


well if u dont like hubstacks than forget the g5 and really most yoyos are good for slack so i would say the y factor cuz its cheap for ur list $75 and it plays extremely well for that price

i think that your best bet in the 70-90 range would be either a Duncan Exit 8 or a yyf g5 the exit 8 is great because it is smoother than any yoyo i have thrown and i love the shape and the finish it has on it almost makes it feel like it is made of ceramic. On to the g5 i have spent so much time just messing around with the z stacks. you can make so many tricks with them and they open up whole new possibilities. the downside to z stacks are that they slow down the yoyo quite a bit so if you want super long combos they you would be better off taking them off and either putting on hubstacks or just don’t put anything on the post at all. I hope this helped you.