What makes you happy?

list anything. yoyos, life, etc.

Playin with yoyos, hanging out with friends, playing sports :slight_smile:


WARNING: Older dude stuff ahead:

Each of the hundred times a day I have this conversation:

“Dad?” he asks, surely wanting the mysteries of the world to be unraveled.

“Yeah, buddy, what’s up?” I ask in return… son, I have some of the answers… maybe I’ve got a good one for whatever you come up with…

“I love you.”

Warm heart, big grin on my face. The questions about life, the universe, and everything will probably come around next time.

“Love you, too. You’re my guy.”

Also makes me happy when my youngest just cracks huge smiles upon merely seeing me. I’m worth something in his life, even though I’m not the one with the milk supply!

My wife, when I catch her smiling at me while I play with the boys. Or when she laughs at my stupidity. Or when she graciously pretends to be interested in the latest trick I’ve learned.

Oh yeah, and learning new stuff for guitar or yoyo. Or painting. Or programming. So yeah, just learning stuff.

In a nutshell: my family, and learning stuff. :wink:


Stories like this, hehe.

My life, I love it! I’m very fortunate.


how nice

Being with my friends and just creating those memories you never forget.

Blasting down a mountain on a set of skis, wind whipping at your face, I just feel so free.

Riding the bus to school in the morning, I don’t know why but it just gives me time to think.

I’ll add more everyday.

Lately, not much =S


Listening to certain music

Playing said music

Church, I love going to church.

You can’t kill the metal

Bacon, playing my saxophone, and listening to music

Nice rhyme.
Anyways for me… yoyos, God, my family, good music, tennis

Wasn’t even intentional lol :slight_smile:

Skiing down mountain,
The wind whipping at your face,
I just feel so free.



And that one girl, she doesn’t notice me but she’s just flat out perfect. Super cheesy sounding but most of you should know the feeling.

“They” say money can’t buy happiness, but I’d sure like to test that theory if anyone has a spare couple or three million $$ sitting around. I’m prepared to write monthly reports for the duration of the test.


Money won’t buy happiness. It does, however, buy a much more pleasant form of misery.