What makes a good 3A yoyo?

Im very curious, what makes a good 3A yoyo? Only thing I know is it needs lots of rim weight and needs to be pretty stable… Also, do u think the yoyos from VOSUN be good for 3A? If u dont know what im talking about, Uncle Sam knows the yoyos im talking about :smiley:

Barracudas. nuff said. :smiley:


What makes a good 3a yoyo.

First you have to take a few things in mind.
Shape, size, weight, and Most importantly, Weight distribution.

Shapes of yoyos that are very, organic, Highwalled, etc tend to not work as well.
Shapes that are, Hs, Vs, and very low walled designs tend to be very good for 3a.
Generally people want fullsized and up yoyos. 55 and up.
But some people, with more technical styles, tend to go for 53-54.
Any smaller, and the yoyo may be too light, or too unstable for 3a.

Weight, This is quite important indeed. If the yoyo is too light, it could be rather unstable, but, If the yoyo is too heavy, it would be very sluggish, and you will tire very easily.
The perfect Balance depends on you mostly.
Do you wanna play fast or slow? faster ones tend to be v shaped, and midweight. 65-67 perhaps
slow? Go heavier, and H shaped.
and Finally weight distribution.

I know what you’re thinking. RIMMM WEIGHT. While this seems to be the case for most 3A yoyos.
Sometimes its not always the best choice.
If the yoyo is evenly weighted, then it can be a bit more stable.
Rim weight gives more spin, even weight gives better stability.
But middle weight, like a cascade or a summit. Gives a different feel.
I think Rim weight, if you are more precise, and Even weight if you are just starting.
And if you’re seasoned, go for whatever you think feels best.

Well. that was a lot more than I expected to type xD

The biggest factor ha makes a good 3a yoyo is stability
Fall owed by spin time and personal preference

Also people generally like heavy. 3a yoyos

The price of a vosun would make it good for 3a :wink: . I still haven’t tried one, so I can’t say anything about how they play, but I plan on getting one.