What makes a good 3A yoyo?


What makes a good 3A yoyo? A lot of people say lots of rim weight and stable, I agree to that but… but for width, some say narrow (YYJ Chasers, Yoyofficer Auras, below 40mm/1.55 inches, etc.), some say wider than normal (Adegle PSGs, OD X CLYW Summits, stuff above 43mm/1.70 inches width, etc.), some say normal width (C3 Di Base 2s, YYF Northstars, stuff 40-42mm/1.55-1.70 inches in width, etc.), also some say nothing undersized, or below 52mm/2.04inches… I’M SO CONFUSED, don’t really know what makes a good 3a yoyo… Please tell me what makes a good 3A yoyo?Also, would having 2 yoyos with different colors or switched halves help for learning or doing 3A?

(M.DeV1) #2

Width is all preference. I personally like narrow so I use Werrd Hours.