what length for Giulia?

It feels way too long. Stock string is like 20+ wraps around it. Can someone give me a good length please? If its preference I am still beginning so I couldn’t really say, but I could say I love 54" on a acrobat from what I remember was listed as a sticky on this. Thanks guys!

i always make my top string about 6 feet long. its not too short and not too long. also, if you want really good hand made topstring hit up apex at ta0.com

I use the strings which came with my Giulias.
Both strings are 66 inches in length, one string is slightly thicker than the other.
With one I get 19 1/2 wraps, with the other about 20.
That length works for me.

Doh! I was supposed to facebook you back about this :-[

64 - 66 inches is what I would recommend with the stock string.