Thanks, Neff

I got the string today, it’s awesome, longer then I needed or expected but awesome non the less


Rosariyoyo; I promised Fitz a string if he posted some pictures of a spin top that had some problems with it, And I finally got a round to sending it. YAY!

Fitz you may know this already, but you can always tie a knot on the outside of the button to shorten the string temporarily to see what length you like before you cut it off.

I already thought of that, Neff, I’m finding I enjoy the longer string though.

I had th´opportunity to play with the Neff´s string when tao lent me one for playing last year in Orlando. Its smoothness, besides the nice view of mixed colours are good thing. Also they slide very well when are on the hands and fingers surface. But maybe the most important is:
It doesn´t unravel so easily.

I played very well with it more than one hour (even tough the one I used wasn´t new, it had been used already by ta0!) and I can say, as a player, is one of the best strings my hands have touched. (I can´t say is the best, because I played with it not much time as I would’ve wanted) But if I could get some few to test them, very probably I could say are the best.

I will find a way to get some in your hands!!!

¡wow! Sure!
let me go back to american continent and we can arrange it.
Also we need to see sth about one trompo like that marvelous Maurizio´s top.