What Knot(s) to tie?

I am new to yoing and so far my biggest problem is which knot to tie to form the loop that you in turn make the slip knot out of. Most direction don’t even say. I think that I seen one that said a regular over hand knot. I though of and was trying to use a figure 8 knot because they are renouned for not slipping but they use up more string and it is very hard to get a small loop. The dirrection I seen call for a one inch loop and with a figure 8 it kept coming out to be more like two inches. I have just tried using a bowline knot to form the loop and I can indeed form a small one inch loop using it. Is the Bowline Knot a good one to use for this purpose?
I have had a problem that occured both yesterday and today while practicing doing loops with both my DUNCAN PROFIRE & Bumble Bee. Upon catching them there would be a BAM and the string would be sucked into the yoyos with none remaining on my finger. I’m still not to sure if the string is breaking or the knot has slipped ???

Use whatever knot you want as long as it holds. Bowline is fine. Overhand is OK. I prefer the figure 8, never gives me any grief.


Double the string over to form a U shape, then take that U and tie an overhand knot. This gives you a loop that is super firm and won’t slip on you.


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Or also if you are one of the people that follow video better there is one below on the same method

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yup, that.

I use the bowline. It’s smaller than the overhand.