What kind of Yo-Yo are you?

I Think I would be a Pyro, Because I love Fire…
Maybe your a magician - Dark Magic
Hate Boredom? You might be a Roo-Yo Have Fun!
Are you a robot (Yo-Yo bots olny) You might be an M1! Metal for everyone

I want to hear What yoyo you are, Maybe not just the name, but the characteristics…
So Post away!

Interesting thread. Makes me think deeply.

I have to say Pulse, because I have one(pun!), and all of my tricks have a “Pulse”. Always going round, hitting strings, in a certain rhythm that is undescribable.

New Breed, because I’m pretty fat, lol! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I Guess that would make me a Pyro light Because I am going to 8th grade, and I’m 84 pounds! :o

im a kickside because im good but not good enough to be the leader

Im a pgm because i like pgm’s

I’m a Dv888 because my yoyoing has evolved and adapted since I got one. People who use the Dv888 have inspired me (david ung) and I have desired to be a better yoyoer. If you dont get the joke, refer to this


Superstar - Because I’m the “Superstar” in my school because of my Yo-yoing Skills!. :smiley:

Addiction because of my “Addiction” to yoyoing… 8 :smiley:

i would be a jamboo because i love woodworking and have a soft spot for old school stuff.

My friend is a Mighty Flea-he is going to 5th grade, and he is 4’4", yet he is on the local All Star baseball team. Small but mighty. I am a Frantic, because I am crazy… FRANTIC!!! Even though I don’t like the Frantic…

i guess hiroyuki suzuki would be speeder cuz hes so fast

SuperStar, because my username is related to it and I’m pretty tall (5’8") and I’m very sporty.

Happy Throwing! =]

I guess that would make me a big yo, lol! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Hectic Splash because I can swim…

YOu know splash in water and that?..

A Mighty Flea, because I am small for my age.

I would be a catch22 because I’m starting to get abs at the age of 10. (I work out with my dad :P)

I would me any yomega yoyo very missunderstood or my super dinged yyj hitman because its very imperfect and has a big wobble like my life :o

5 Star, just because! :o