What kind of response do YYF pros use?

I noticed that many YYF pros can easily do difficult binds at will, but I have a hard time when I try with my k-padded YYF yo-yos. When I use my CLYW yo-yos with flowable silicone I can do these binds much easier, so this leads me to believe that a lot of YYF pros use flowable silicone in their yo-yos. Does anyone know?

It could vary in certain cases, but I’d venture that most YYF pros play their yoyos with stock slim pads.
Top tier yoyo players are generally pretty adept at binding.

I’d take Ed’s comment a step further.

No doubt the top tier yoyo players have spent years practicing. With that practice comes experience and knowledge. Chances are they could bind just about anything handed to them as a result.

I’ve been practing my bind for about 3 weeks now. It’s just continuing to get better the more I practice. I won’t ever get to a top tier level, but that’s not my objective. My objective is for personal enjoyment. Still it would be nice to get that good at it.

I agree with both. Ed I missed you at worlds. I’ll see ya next year unless something good happens and I can come up there.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure most of the YYF pros use their stock pads. Stock pads in the YYF throws are sick imo. You just gotta practice your binds. CLYW silicone is easier to bind on at first cause you gotta break in silicone. A fresh flowable silicone job is ussually binds with a vengence, once you wear it in, it preforms very similar to pads. I use flowable in all my throws, easy to apply and works great. Just play your pads til your binds are like slipping out then slap some flowable in the groove.