What kind of replacement response should i get?

Dark magic-
Has an o ring but its too grabby

Regular pads fell out

Silcone fell out. Should i try putting a different type or stay with silcone?

Grind machine-
K pads in but is really slippy

Rtv for everything that will except it. As for pads try difeo thin only one side.

as yeti said use the rtv in everything, its great, iv got red rtv in my gm and its great, anf the legacy should be fine using it as well.

Do you know where i can get some?

Get either RTV or Flowable silicone at most auto parts stores. Hardware stores tend to have it as well. Also some Wal-marts.

Will this work?

Or do you recomend something else

Yep that will work fine, do you know how to apply the silicone?

Ill probably follow the tutorial on high speed yoyo