What is your oppinion on Hitchiker's thumb? Poll


A hitchhiker’s thumb is when your thumb bends backwards at about the bottom of the nail instead of going out straight like all of the other fingers


What’s not to like? Are there people who actually don’t like theirs? I would find it so weird to have a thumb that went straight like my other fingers!


Got a mate like that, his thumb looks like a sausage… it’s strange.

Mine 'hikes to an extent, but its got nothing on my fathers… his bends pretty much 90 degree backwards.

I never really give any thought to it. I’m more indifferent to actually “liking” it.


Wish I had one lol, bet it would help with those hook tricks :wink:


I have one, but it causes me intense pain, it helps with chopsticks tricks, but that’s all.

The pain is I have a double joint in my thumb and it constantly snaps, crackles, and pops. I need to get it checked out. In school, I have to constantly change to my right hand (ambidextrous)


Oh man I wish I had it. Makes stuff like in cabin tuotorials really hard because the string just slides off my thumb


Show the severity of your bend.
My left thumb bends further than my right.


I have hitchhikers on my right, but not my left…wut


I’m the exact opposite! I have a normal thumb and think that it would be so weird to have a hitchiker’s thumb.


Dang that thumb bends way back! Mine is just completely straight. No bend at all, even if I try and force it to bend by pulling on it, it still won’t bend…