hitch hiker

(Hardcore_Max) #1

can anybody post up a tutorial for the hitch hiker trick I can find it.

(M²) #2
  1. Walk down the road
  2. Stick out your thumb faceing upwards.
  3. Pray that someone will give you a lift.

(Hardcore_Max) #3

hahaha very funny


I’ve never heard of it. could you post a video of where you saw it?


You made my Sprite come out my nose. ;D

(Troy(oyo) #6
  1. Get stabbed.

(Kyle V.) #7

This is the original video from the Sector Y Archive:


This is my attempt at a quicky-tutorial:

(don’t you just love the sound of yoyos spinning in slow-motion?)


that is a sweet fricken trick!

(Hardcore_Max) #9

yes yes it is its also a pain to learn, thanks heaps Kyle,