2A - Hop the fence



I just wanted to know if anyone else who has learnt how to do “Hop the fence” also experience a serious frictional pain on your fingers, especially for me on my left hand (I’m right handed) my left middle finger’s skin is just ripping off :-[! Not much, just like an amphibian shedding skin.

I do believe a callus has started to form on that finger but the pain is pretty unbearable after 15-20 repetitions on hop the fence.

Also! Could you tell me where your callus has started to form ??? My right finger forms the thickest on the left side of the finger and on the left finger it formed on the right side, i thought they would both form on opposite sides so just curious.

Thank you for reading! :smiley:


I don’t have this problem. I’m kinda confused about that. Do you know how it’s happening?


You may have the slipknot on your finger backwards. If it slips and tightens while you are doing hop the fence that is what is causing it to rip your finger up. Make sure that the double string side of the slipknot is always facing to the outside of your body, ie. When it is on your right it should be facing right, and when it is on your left, facing left.



The callus is coming from he string knot itself. Lol happened to me. And I rock my loop backwards too, it doesn’t affect any of my play.


Thanks for your posts so far guys and for the slip knot, i always have the two strands away from my body so i don’t believe that is the problem.

I think overall it might just be me playing too much in one go, shows that you shouldn’t do that, people usually advice to not pay over 30minutes and i go way past that haha.

Well, i’ll just let my finger rest up and after a period of time it should be better I hope!
Thank you again! ;D