What is your opinion on snake bite lube

Hello everyone, i need yoyo lube and i am limeted with amazon. Ther was 2 option, snake bite and yyf but i just learned that yyf lube isnt available right now so i am stuck with snake bite thin oil. I’ll use it on grasshopper gtx and shutter bimetal so i dont wanna ruin bearing.
Do you have any opinion on snake bite lube?

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Welcome to the Forums! While I have never used Snake Bite lube - I’ve been using the same bottle of YYF lube since 2015 - I am sure either lube will be just fine as long as you use only a very, very tiny drop.

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I think so too. I just wanted to be sure.
People complains about it makes the yo-yo responsive but I think they put too much oil.
Thank you so much.


You want THIN lube for your GTX. Thick lube is for responsive yoyos.

You will not ruin a bearing with most any lube. It’s a none issue.