What is your "Idle" trick?

From what I understand, your “Idle” trick is the sort of trick you do when you are talking to someone, or simply not focused on the yoyo.

My “Idle” tricks are some Braintwister combos, and simple repeaters.

What are yours?

(Feel free to post a video if you’re up to it)

The Matrix

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Boingy boing, tends to come without really thinking about it.

Wormhole or zipper

Matrix and a trapeze brother slack repeater I made up. Occasionally soiled panties if I want to show off.

Cold fusion or magic trick. Not necessarily not looking but more like not really paying attention.

Zach gormley Tension slack over and over

Monkey Triple Slack GT.

Usually just my favorite combo.

1.5 mount combos or just skin the gerbil

I tend to go with a double or nothing that I unwind into a brother slack and bind. Easy, fun and all that

chopsticks stuff.

Brent Stoles, Ninja Vanishes, and various finger grinds. Kwijibo, And Whut…

Buddha’s Revenge and sometimes Kwijibo

Exactly me

White Buddha and Kamikaze

Magic trick boomerang snap gt.

Mach 5, Kwijibo, Matrix, Radioactive and a little string trick I play often that has no name.

Double or nothing to hopping out to a trapeze.

A combo of elements from matrix, kwijibo, and Buddha’s revenge. With an occasional suicide from the double or nothing unwind in matrix. If I miss catching that, pop into Brent stole, then pop out of that into the cross arm part of kwijibo and carry on.

every single trick i know.