What is your Halloween costume?


What are you going to be for Halloween?

Some friends and I are going to be basketball players. We already have our basketball player names and everything (I’m Dr. Dunkenstien, and my friends are Count Dunkula, the Abominable Dunkman, and the Lochness Dunkster). We’re gonna buy huge tshirts that we’ll draw our names and numbers on for jerseys, and get some do rags and chains.
This is the plan for Halloween:
1.Arrive at the doorstep
2.person comes to the door
3. I play the Space Jam theme-song on a boom box
3. We do some moves with some basketballs and dance and stuff in their yard
4.We tell them how we got out of the hood/drugs through the power of Jesus.


your swag is through the roof.


I was thinking of being a sword.

I may come up with something else though.


no doubt.

(YoYo_Freak) #5

A cape.


Obi Wan Kenobi.

Me and all of my friends are being Jedi’s.


I want to go as a ghost this year. When people ask about my costume, I’ll say that I’m the ghost of my dead parents.

Can anyone say sympathy candy?


A chair. My friend is going to be Clint Eastwood. Sorry to republicans here…gonna be awk when I go to a republicans house…


Someone’s gonna get a ton of candy…


A cereal killer.

Step 1: Get a plastic sword.
Step 2: Insert sword into empty cereal box.
Step 3: Add a optional mask.
Step 4: Blow people’s minds.

(NotATyrant) #11

I’m a zombie jock,anyone wanna be my zombie nerd??? :wink:


I still choosing I’m either going to be
1 Dr Horrible
2 The Doctor or
3 Hatter M the cool one from looking glass wars


I’m gonna wear a white morph suit and a tuxedo on top of it and hide in a nearby woods and scare people to death


Lol! Slender is scary as heck!


Couple years ago was my last costume and I was Quailman.
Not sure about this year. I’ve always wanted to do Bebop and Rocksteady with a friend.

Please someone get these cartoon references so I don’t have to crawl in my old people hole.

(NotATyrant) #16



I was thinking about being a pilgrim.

(NotATyrant) #18

If someone is Benny the Bull from Dora, and he has sticky tape from that one episode.I Would EFFING Die!


This is fantastic. One of the funniest ideas I’ve ever heard…and I am a republican.

Do it!


I’m wearing a baseball glove on my head.

What am I?

Or, I’ll order some 32x44 long pants, an extra long sleeved tuxedo coat, get some pure white gloves and a pure white mask and go as Slenderman.
I can make some leg extensions using some wood scraps and my dads industrial machinery.