what is your favorite yoyo?

what is your favorite yoyo? Mine is my EKG

Hmmm I do believe it says above your favorite trick in your profile info


even though is dinged from (sucky) horizontal play


Yeah, well most people either don’t update it or put things that aren’t yoyos up there…

Mine is currently the Hspin Cut


Currently an old TFL that was powder coated white.

Top 3 are: 1 - Lunatic, 2 - Code 1, 3 - Monster

looks at favourite yoyo Fav. Yo-Yo: Chloe Grace Moretz
hmm… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well i have the same gensis same color. I messed up while learning follow and slipknot fell off my finger i completelyt thought it was ruined.

Today i took 300 grit sandpaper around the entire rims over the damage. Then rubbed steel wool all over it to smoothen it. Then Put some Mothers brand aluminum polish and some diamond compound on it. It was my first “mod” but it literally is mirror polished. You can see yourself in it from a mile away and it is blinding to use it outside in the sun. You can try it f you want

Right now its a haggle between the protostar and the northstar…they both pwn.