What is your favorite titanium yo-yo?

What is your favorite titanium yo-yo :yo-yo: and what makes it different above the rest ???

Wanker. It’s round and feels good in the hand. Built for comfort, not speed.


But it’s a terrible product for the younger kids to research on the web. Leads to all kinds “interesting” sites.


Lol that’s true. Especially since it was never for sale from any official yoyo company or posted on any store for sale. I stick to my vote though. It is the best Ti I’ve owned.

Dazzler is my favorite titanium throw. It just has such a nice feel to it.

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000 is so premium feeling and simply sounds the best when playing. That said, my edc is Gravity. It plays so smooth and is configurable. It’s “breaking in” quite nicely too.


Too few people have thrown a Wanker (that’s an odd sentence to type), which is a shame because it’s a very fun throw. Though definitely not performance-oriented. I like mine, but I don’t find the shape particularly comfortable.

My favorite still has to the be the Ti Walker followed pretty closely by the Ti 888.


Ti Wisteria
It’s larger than my usual preferences, but it doesn’t feel like it in play. Pretty laid back, just enough float.

The Gravity is pretty much tied for top spot, though. The way it can be changed up to feel completely different just by swapping side effects or adding caps is pretty fascinating to me.

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The One Drop Citizen is the best titanium yoyo I have ever played.

I’ve been enjoying the Bangarang these days. It’s tiny but very capable. Such a fun, unique yoyo! There’s really nothing else like it.

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