What is your favorite throw to create tricks with?

Does anyone have a single go to throw for creating tricks?


Protostar and Supernova. Working on a trick now actually.

Irony Jp, things a freakin’ beast!


All of them ;D

Whatever throw I have in my hand when inspiration strikes

round one that spins

It’s funny, because whilst there should be no real logical reason why one would need a certain yoyo to invent tricks, I tend to come up with all of mine with my Supernova lite.

However I don’t think it’s the throw, but the circumstances. There’s something about hiding in the disabled bathroom at work and casually throwing it that just seems to lend itself to creativity. I hardly come up with anything impressive when I’m at home with the rest of my throws…

You’re right there’s no real logic, but it happens haha. Well I mean most people won’t make a trick with a yoyofactory one or anything like that, I’d want something longer spinning to have more time to create my combos

Now that i think of it I do alot of my combo creating on my OD CODE 2 or Chik, just because they are super stable and spin forever

I find it very hard to create tricks lol, but the ones that I invented I did on my OD Burnside due to spin time for experimenting :smiley:

yhea the burnside and chik are great for that…they are also very forgiving when you mess up :stuck_out_tongue:

Superwide. Gimme something forgiving, and then refine the results on the dm2

True but now with my new throws I would go with the summit :smiley:

No, I don’t. Maybe. Yes. I’m not sure.

I don’t really create any tricks. I think the most I’ve done is doing kwijibo while starting from a double or nothing and doing it as a repeater and then do a Dr. strange from it, but that’s not creating anything real.

If I may detour slightly, using the same general concept, but in a variation:
When learning a new trick, I will often try to move to a big, slow moving yoyo. Code 2 with disc side effects, God Tricks Bounty Hunter, King Yo Star Bossman, Dreadnaught and DM2 are usually my go-to yoyos for trying to get a trick down. If I need a bit slower, the YYF Mutant DNA is my natural choice for that. If the trick has lots of pops, I may have to switch to a wider than average yoyo. The advantage of having a large collection ensures I have the diversity I need to help me learn, improve and expand.

Once I get more comfortable, I will focus more on the DM2. After I’m feeling like I really have it down, I start moving to smaller yoyo and different shapes and weight distributions.

If I were creating a new trick, the key for me would be to go with something extremely comfortable and that I was intimately familiar with since I’d be basically building element by element. Documentation might be a real bother though. I think due to spin times and generous catch zone, I’d probably go with a Phenom if I were to develop tricks. It’s all catch zone and while it’s meant for speed, it can be slowed down and behave just fine as long as it’s spin speeds are appropriate.

Dreadnought G. Heavy, slow, spins for days, (blasted) grinds long.
Ammo string.

Hahahahahahahaha Omg, that’s hilarious man. I just busted out laughing when I read that.