What is your favorite skill toy beyond yoyoing?


Got to start a thread on favorite skill toy beyond yoyo’s. I have been on a kendama kick lately, with a dab of card flourishing.


cubing, magic a bit and disc golfing.


;D Love some magic…keep it up bro!


yeah, I was into it a while ago but quit because I was horrible. This time I’ll try to do it right :D. What kind of flourishes can you do?

(Owen) #5

I have an on again off again relationship with kendama. out of all the hobbies I’ve had (magic, juggling, cubing) it’s the most interesting to me.


Cube! All the way!

Just got a new Thunderclap 3x3 in the mail that is rekindling the fire!


I hacky sack at lunch every day with friends and sometimes before and after school. None of us are very good but having fun is what matters.


I like diabolos as much as I like yo-yos. :slight_smile:

(InvaderDust) #9

Kendama (recently), Buugeng (several years), Contact and Toss Juggling (10+ years on and off), Poi (professional fire performer for 4 years - retired from the craft), and I also used to fly and consider RC 3d helis a skill toy as well.

(major_seventh) #10

Love foot bagging. Not the greatest but I’m getting there.

I feel stupid now cause I bought the new heavy version of the Lavers. ::slight_smile:


Prank phone calls

(InvaderDust) #12

Footbag? Lavers? man i never thought Id heard those two things in the same place again. I used to compete in freestyle footbag back in the day! I attended Colorado Shred Symposium 4 in 2002. I lived in SE GA at the time and tore my groin mucle skim boarding shortly after. i never retruned to foobag, but use many of the drilling practices and mindsets for most other (yoyo included) skill toys and object manipulation. Thanks for tugging those heart string buddy!!

(major_seventh) #13

So cool!

Yeah it sucks they don’t sell the classics anymore. These new ones have like a 50% increase in weight.

(InvaderDust) #14

I could see how that would be counter-productive. I wonder what they are using these days?

(major_seventh) #15

I actually have no idea. All the videos on youtube aren’t recent.


Due to recent developments, I have to change my answer to Kendama…

I still like cubing though ;D
and yoyos too i guess :stuck_out_tongue:


I have fans, springs, and sibel cuts, but that’s about it, I know a few weird cuts.


Over my life time I’ve done:

Juggling (balls, bean bags, clubs, torches)
Devil Sticks
Yoyo (mostly in the past year and a half)
Kendama (new in the last 6 months)
Cubing, although it’s mostly been just fiddling around and learning a couple of the basic algorithms. Then I put it down for many years until this week.

It’s interesting that people mentioned magic. I made my living for just over 2 years as a professional close up magician. I worked at Brad Burts magic shop in San Diego and I did a ton of kids shows, corporate trade shows, and private parties. Until I saw it mentioned here I never thought of all the card and coin slight of hand I did as a skill toy. But it sure makes sense to think of it that way.


I used to foot bag before I got old and fat. Now I do some juggling, close up magic, and have recently started begleri. Magic has to be my fave other. :sunglasses:


woodrat : Who are your favorite magicians? I had the honor of meeting Dai Vernon once when he was 97 years old. I met J.C. Wagner several times since he also lived in San Diego. But my favorite magician to learn tricks from is Alex Elmsley.

Oh, I also met, attended a seminar by, and got an autographed book from David Roth. I can’t say I learned anything at that seminar though because I was so stunned by how perfect his technique was. Even when he’s teaching you can’t see his moves.