what is your favorite looping yoyo


Mine is the yoyojam unleashed because it loops fast and doesn’t break strings quickly.


loop 1080 I can loop much longer than an unleashed with this


I’ve tried the fireball, 808, modded hyper raiders, and unleashed. Unleashed gets my vote but the hyper raiders are close behind. :slight_smile:


try the loop 1080s


I like the Unleahed and the 1080 about equally.


I have a pair of loop 900s but I don’t know what differnce is from the 1080s


The Raider EX.


Straight from YYE: The adjustment mechanism was improved and moved from being off centered to the very center of the yo-yo halve. The plastic spacers were resized and slightly re-designed and the weight and shape were very slightly altered.

I think they moved the adjustment mechanism to the center because the Loop 900 didn’t feel well balanced. I may be wrong though.