What is your B/S/T pattern?

I am very curious about people’s buying/selling patterns in this hobby.

  • How many of your yoyos have you sold off over time?
  • Do you keep a newly purchased yoyo sealed up in its packaging until you are ready to put it through its paces, or do you unbox it immediately to “admire” it, even though that lowers its potential resale value in the event you never put it into play rotation?
  • How long, on average, do you hang on to your yoyos before you sell them (if ever)?
  • How long does it take before you know you’re never going to play a yoyo again and can flip it on B/S/T without seller’s regret?
  • Do you try to keep some sort of size limit on your collection?
  • How many yoyos in your collection were purchased either purely for their aesthetics or rarity (i.e., “just to have them”), or because of a future plan to play them which you never got around to? And did you keep them sealed in their packaging or did you unbox them immediately?
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I’ve owned around 1000 yoyos, been doing this for 30 years. I own around 100 now, so I’ve sold 90% of them. Nothing gets kept in the box/packaging, they’re meant to be played. I’ve gotten pretty good about knowing what I like. So I don’t need to hang on to something long to find out if I’ll like it, generally by the specs I know if I’m going to like it. I’m also at the point that I’m not sure I’m willing to let many in my collection go, what I have now I either really like or has sentimental meaning to me.

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I find that I really like to display mine. They’re playable art on my walls! Putting them in boxes or bags seems… uncharitable.

Plus it is easier to grab one down to play with when it’s right there on the wall :smiley:

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ive had dozens and dozens come and go. I usually keep my numbers under 15 or so at any time. I am happy to bond with some, learn lessons from others, and use several as extra special thank yous when the mood strikes.

of all of them, i only have 1 regret, and I an currently doing me best to rectify this situation and restor peace to the land once again. I knew it instantly that I made a mistake. Thankfully the one I traded it off to is working with me to get it back. <3 and thanks that i even have a chance.

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I’ve had around 100 yoyos, 90% of which were bought off the BST. For the most part, I always tried to get yoyos for cheap off the BST that I could sell later and not lose much if any money so in my 5 years in this hobby I don’t think I’ve spent too much money, especially considering the retail value of what I have owned.

The largest my collection ever got was maybe 40ish yoyos, this was within the first year tho before I really knew what I liked and at least half of them were cheaper stuff I got from bundle deals.

Once I started collecting higher end stuff my collection stayed around 20-30 for the most part. Yoyos usually stay in my collection for a few months, I sell them and cycle them out once I’m tired of them and want new stuff. A few of the ones I really liked stayed in my collection for longer of course. I never bought yoyos for aesthetics or rarity.

Once I left for college last summer I sold most of my collection and only kept the sentimental stuff, but I’ve been trying to rebuild the past few months.

I don’t really regret selling most of my yoyos. Usually I just have my fun with them for a bit, then sell them, use that money to buy new stuff. Sometimes I may feel nostalgic and want to try them again but it’s not really regret. There are maybe 5 yoyos that I really enjoyed and do regret getting rid of though. Summit and Overdrive are 2 that come to mind.

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