What is vibe?

I see it in almost every b/s/t and I want to know what it is😁

see, at a YoYo you have two spinning masses connected through an axle. now when these masses are not totally even or uneven distributed the rotational axis is not where the physical axle is. this causes the spinning yoyo to vibrate. the more uneven the mass is the higher gets the vibration.

also see wiki, totally basic princip

Aaaah okay, thank you😄

When you throw down a yoyo it usually vibrates a little, until you start doing tricks with it (I’d say grinds in particular kill this vibe quickly).
That is “throw vibe”.
Then there’s the other kind of vibe, one wich doesn’t disappear, that’s the vibe you are seeing in bst.
Dings are the main cause of vibe (if it was not vibey when new) because of what leop999 said. Dirty or damaged bearings can also cause it, but that’s easier to fix.

A ding does not necessarily cause vibe unless the ding was caused by slamming the yoyo into something hard enough to bend the axle or damage the bearing seat.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9a0sSCL1hw had to watch the video again

Beat me to it. Was about to tell him it’s like hubstacks.

The first kind of vibe he is describing is wobble (from a poor throw, has nothing to do with the yoyo), vibe is a vibration you can feel if you touch the yoyo, or a vibration you can feel through the string while doing tricks.

Most of the time it’s more of an annoyance than anything. Wobble is a different story, I find wobble pretty bothersome.

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