What is this trick?


What is the third hook?


it looks like a double hidemasa hook


thats not a double hidemasa least not in the sense as it doesnt go around two times before landing hidemasa.

Thats more a double hidemasa as it lands twice around the finger.

ummmmmm what?? hahahahah


I use to think that was Iwasawa hook. :smiley:

But its not, I’m not sure of the exact name. If you can do it, congrats, it takes a good arm to do it.


From what I remember, it’s called a double hidemasa hook. What Brett was talking about is called a double or nothing hook. (1.5 hook, double or nothing hook, 2.5 hook, etc.)


Doesn’t have a name.

Done it quite a few times, very hard.


2nd trick of this vid I do a Hidemasa Hook then what is commonly called a double Hidemasa Hook…


I am trying to learn it does anyone have any tips.


Whip hard.

Also, do you know Iwasawa Hook?

If no, learn it. It will male it much easier.


I am working on Iwasawa Hook too. I have hit it twice. When the loop comes back around it doesnt hook the yoyo.