What is this? (Mystery Solved)

(ClockMonster) #1

Does anyone recognize this symbol? What yoyo is this?


I believe that means “not quite perfect,” hence it is a b-grade.

(ClockMonster) #3

Who uses that specific symbol? What brand/manufacturer?


One Drop uses the term not quite perfect. I haven’t seen that symbol though.

({John15}) #5

Post more pictures, like gap [without string], and side cup :+1:

That’s definitely an OD, maybe a Gauntlet? More pics will help id


It stands for not quite perfect, it goes on any yoyo that is not a Ti-Walker. Sometimes you can see it, sometimes you can’t, but it’s always there.


I definitely have, it’s One Drop’s term for “b-grade”. I can’t recall them doing a lot of b-grade releases in the last year though so maybe the anodization mark has fallen out of favor.


The last 2 or 3 (maybe more?) NQP drops weren’t etched like that

(ClockMonster) #9

I will post some more photos tonight. Gauntlet seems like a good candidate though.

(Matt ) #10

Yea almost completely certain that is a B-Grade Gauntlet.

Few years old too, older NQP OD markings.

(ClockMonster) #11

It has a tiny mark of ano damage which might account for the NQP designation. This just might become my “beater” throw, which is kinda nice cuz I haven’t had one yet up to this point.

(ClockMonster) #12

Yep, it’s definitely a Gauntlet:

({John15}) #13

yep, not quite perfect OD Gauntlet. Looks like an Iron Man Half swap!