One Drop NQP's?


So I want to get a chik, and I saw that you could get one that has “some minor flaws in the anodizing and etching.” They are called NQP’s (not quite perfect.) I really don’t care much about if there is a little problem in the look of a yoyo, I care a lot more about how it plays. And for $12 less, I am really considering getting a NQP. NQP makes me think that it is like a B grade yoyo, so it might have vibe or other problems. Have any of you tried an NQP? Do you think it affects the play?


If it’s just a b grade for ano only, it’ll play fine. I’ve tried a NQP Code 1 and it played fine.


Can there actually be One Drop B-grades for their Side-Effect yo-yo’s due to vibe?

It’s all in the Side Effects, no?


If OD says it’s NQP for only ano flaws, then I wouldn’t worry. They won’t lie to us, so I’d go ahead and get it if you don’t care about the flaws. I had an NQP Dietz, and it was smooth. Just minor ano flaws which weren’t very noticeable.


If the holes in the yoyo halves for the SE aren’t perfectly aligned, no matter how you change the SE’s, there’ll still be vibe.


NQP’s ARE B-Grades. NQP is just One Drops name for them. Caribou Lodge has “Fools Gold”, Spyy has “Star Grades”, YYR has “A-”, and One Drop has NQP’s.

One Drop has specified that these Chiks are B-Grade because of ano/etching flaws, so I’d bet on them being dead smooth. If they had vibe or any other issues, they would make that very clear. :slight_smile:


Thanks for everyone’s help. All of my yoyo’s have scratches, and I just don’t worry about it. I think protecting your yoyo from any possible thing that could happen to it takes some of the fun out of yo-yoing.


I have never seen a One Drop NQP that wasn’t because of ano flaws. Shawn and David don’t like to sell NQPs with play issues. If you can get one go for it… you will end up getting a great deal.

One of my all time favorite yoyos is a One Drop NQP… the Chem Blast 54.


Sorry I mentioned my b grades haha, only mine and a few others were because I got them at the one drop factory


Sorry for the necro, and sorry if I missed the answer to this in another place. Are all OD NQP yoyos etched with “NQP”?

As to the above quote, I did find this from David in another thread:


I’m pretty sure I remember reading somewhere like a week ago that said one drop stopped doing the NQP engraving


So, is there anything to indicate that they’re NQP?


Found it


I recently picked up a NQP Deep State. It had a couple ano flaws on the backs of each half. Can’t even tell when the yoyo is assembled. It plays perfectly. Other throwers seem to have the same experience with OD NPQs. I can highly recommend picking one up, they’re a smokin’ deal.


OneDrops have warranties. Well damn!


I bought a NQP Vanguard 2 weeks ago and there is no NQP marked on it. I thought maybe I was accidentally sent a perfect Vanguard and asked about the NQP marking and OneDrop said they used to mark their yoyos but haven’t been lately. Here is what it looks like: