NQP-yoyoexpert splash?

Hey everyone I was wondering if any one could tell me about what the NQP is I am thinking (Not Quite Perfect) if some one could tell me about it maybe post a pick before I buy it so I know if I really want that color way or not.

If you don’t know what I am talking about look at the 2014 beckmark yoyos color ways in the pick you color thing. :stuck_out_tongue: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/1297/One-Drop-2014-H-Shape-Benchmark


thats probably what that means.

Yeah it means Not Quite Perfect

I just PMed YYEGarrett to see if he can snap a cell phone pic of one for you. I see what you mean, there’s no photo of that colorway on the store page.

Imagine like, a perfect one

Then imagine, it was like perfect, but kinda not

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its like a colorway-inception!

It means that the engraving or anno is a little wonky and not exactly perfect like others. Paul Dang told me.

That is the greatest post I’ve seen in awhile.

The NQP (Not Quite Perfect) Versions just have some ano flaws but still play great. Here’s a couple pics:


I’ll make a note to get the images on the product pages this week.

Thanks for pointing that out JO-YO!


Ok thanks for the picture! :smiley: Well then maybe next time you could also say B-grade cause more people understand that where as this was the first time I have seen NQP. :stuck_out_tongue: maybe you could do NQP(B-grade)-yoyoexpertsplash and there wouldn’t be as much confusion. :slight_smile:

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First time you saw it, but you still guessed it immediately right? sounds like it works! Each company has something different that they call their b-grades, fools golds, competition grades, or NQPs - It all means the same thing.

Well, B-Grade means it could have vibe, but these NQP just have a little screwy anno job right?

ok thanks Garrett good to know! :smiley:

Yeah, as far as I can tell it’s just NQP for the ano.

Hey Garrett how does an ano-flaw change it’s grind surface?

I shouldn’t as far as I know, as long as it still has the blast, which it does.

ok thanks someone! XD

the water stain marks are accually pretty cool
is there a way to control their formation?

Thanks for the photos. I think they still belong in my case. The YoyoExpert Editions do not discriminate. ;D

For one drop 2014 benchmarks, does anybody know what the difference is between the NQP yye splash colorway and the YYE Splash colorway? They look the same but The NQP is $7 less. Why is that?