What is B-Grade?

a b-grade yo-yo is a yo-yo that eather has a flaw in the ano or finish/ or has slight vibe whne playing on the string or on grinds

See also: [this post].

a b-grade is any yoyo that is not made by onedrop that has slight vibe or has anno defects,

(Onedrop calls it “NQP” for not quite perfect)

Just because OD calls it something else doesn’t mean its different thn a B-Grade. But you got the rest of it right.

In a more technicall explanation. B-Grades are those yoyos that don’t meet par. Either they have anodizing deffects. Or they might has a vibe.

Sometimes these are considered as steals because its much cheaper and some claim they play just as good.


I see you missed the memo. :wink: