What is this?? It's gorgeous!!! Where can I get it!!!


(UmeNagisa) #2

It’s a chief.
Is that what you wanted to know?


Looks like a Rewind Worldwide Special edition Chief.

There all sold out at Rewind, so you’d have to find one on the forum.


I’m pretty sure it’s a Chief… Idk the colorway :stuck_out_tongue: but I got a Chief on my BST for $120 if you want it :wink:


They don’t sell em?

I know it’s a chief… Just wanted to know the colorway


It’s a Rewind Worldwide Special Edition Chief, so it was only sold at Rewind Worldwide.

They sold out of that colorway a while ago, so it might be very hard to find it on YYE forum since Rewind Worldwide is from Japan.


ImPerfectooo is correct.

It was a special colorway for the folks at Rewind. It’s one of the lighter versions as well, and plays very fast for a Chief. (65g)
They were very slow to sell, but then all of a sudden they sold out in about two days.

It’s far more beautiful up close than in any picture I’ver ever seen. It will be a bit hard to find one at this point, but don’t lose hope.


Do u have one?


I do,… it’s part of a larger collection of Chiefs that I have collected.

The picture I posted is of the one I own. It’s one of my favorite Chiefs because of the colorway and the fact that it’s one of the lighter versions.