What run chief is it?

I have a teal chief and i dont know what run it is, does the colorway say the run?

sounds like an early run due to it having no splash

Did you get it from gorillaz? If so, it’s 3rd run.

The 9th or 10th run of Chiefs had a “Turquoise” colorway.

Yeah he’s awesome, is the earlier run better or not?

Have you thrown it? It’s great.

Well yes, i have i own it now, but are they more rare than others?

I don’t seem to see many of them on the BST but they are in most peoples possession I would imagine. I have no idea how many were made, however.

It’s a minty mint one.

Having someone say “that run was the best!” or “that run wasn’t as good!” doesn’t mean a whole lot. You have it in your hands. Throw it. If you like it, it was the best run. :wink:

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Thanks everyone!

Teal doesnt necessarily mean minty mint. I think it is a later run, perhaps 9th.

It’s not Minty Mint. His is a 3rd run.

Yeah, not minty mint