how many green colorways of the chief are there?


i know about hulk smash and foxy moss any others? pics would be great!

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My goodness man, you’ve started WAY too many topics about the Chief and just in general. Maybe direct all your questions to one thread and keep to it, as it clutters up the forum QUITE a bit.

But, to answer your question- There aren’t many greenish colorways of the Chief besides the ones you mentioned, unfortunately. There are just a select few more popular ones though:

Ninja Hurdles:


“Minty Mint” and another light turquoise-ish 3rd run.



In the earlier runs ther was Grassy Lake, Green Ghost, Ink Pot. so a good assortment.


Does caribou street count?


This is my favorite colorway. I have this exact Chief. I had Jensen Kimmitt sign it :smiley:

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Yeah dude, it’s really sick. If I were to get another Chief I’d get this one in a heartbeat.


U like it better than foxy moss

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Heck yeah dude…