What is this collection missing??

This is my yoyo collection, it’s quite large and I love all of it! But I really feel like it’s missing something… Is this valid or am I just crazy??

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Everyone’s yoyo collection is missing something!

too much YYF,it needs ssome G-squared and General Yo,A tross and a majesty pulls anny collection together

lets see some wood grain in there.

That’s pretty much what wverybody tells me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: thanks though! I just realized I traded all my offstrings too and maybe that’s what I feel like is missing

No jive lop left

bottom left the way the picture is oriented… and i meant something unpainted, maybe a mandala or something. everyones doin it!

I think if you really like yoyos; you will Always feel like you are at least one Yoyo short of ‘Happy’.

You will probably notice something over time, though.

Even if you amass a few hundred Yoyos; you will actually only play(mainly) with less than ten of them.

That doesn’t make any of them less important. All yoyos have ‘certain things’ you will like about them.

Let’s say you actually have a few hundred yoyos. And you decide to trade away about 20 of them. You set all the yoyos on the dining room table. You move them around until to have 20 divided from the rest… Yes these 20 I can live without.

You put all the others back in storage/on display/whatever.

Then you decide to take each of those 20 for a last couple spins. And realize as you throw each one; that there is still something Unique and fun about every one of them.

Every Yoyo offers a slightly different adventure.

Even if you had a: Dazzler, a Hyperion, a few Anglams, a Berserker SS and a few TiWalkers in your quiver; you would still be at least one Yoyo short.

That is just the way it is.


This statement is the bane of my experience with yoyos, because it couldn’t be more true. After accumulating over 250 yoyos in the past 3 years, I have steadily, and sometimes unenthusiastically, been trading and selling them off. A car accident and an inevitable move to a new house has had the biggest impact and forced me to sell off… well, I’m down to about 35 now and I still can’t keep myself from perusing the new releases page.

I’m getting married in October, and I told my wife that she is marrying me in sickness and in health. And this is my sickness. :smiley: Doing some quick math, at an average of about $75 per yoyo, I’ve spent nearly $19,000 on yoyos. That’s just gag-worthy.

A drauphnir short from happyness

I don’t thinks so. It just means that you have a hobby, and you are active in it. Especially, a hobby where you’ve been able to trade or sell any of the yo-yos you bought. I don’t consider that money down the drain. Some people travel, some people buy yo-yos, and yo-yos are tangible, so that’s a plus.

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Something powder coated

Top left MG is powdercoated


The red one?

Thanks, TA. And you’re right. I do love this hobby. I just never collected ANYTHING before this aside from Star Wars cards when I was in 3rd grade and even then I was over it in a few months. I don’t see this ending anytime soon. ;D

The green one with the white caps? It’s too difficult to tell if that’s PC. What makes you think it is, sparhawk?

I have a core

I think he was referring to the 14 genesis in the small case, it has no engraving

Ooo cool I didnt notice it in the pic :o