What is the Unholy Grail?

I’ve heard rumors of it and it’s been on quite a few heavy collectors wants lists, but I wasn’t too interested until Elvin lim made his a-rt sale post and there was an actual picture of an unholy Grail on it, and a pricetag of 700$ attached. What on Earth is this yoyo so legendary that it’s the first aluminum I know of to sell for more than 500$? Could we please gather as many details as possible? I’m very intrigued.


‘Unholy’ refers to a finish done by OYY. If I remember correctly, it’s a really thick coat of purple annodization. Apparently the finish is super nice, and super rare as well, probably explaining at least some of the price. An OYY fan could probably give a better run down, though. Found this on FB.

Here’s a pic of an Unholy Echelon (left) and an Unholy Grail (right).


Looks like the purple ano on my VTWO.


Hey look I’m famous guys


A mint torrent 1 would probably fetch the same price for the record. I know the last one that sold was at least 600 and thats a monometal.


That’s the general yo torrent? Do you know how many were made?

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Didn’t a Rainicorn Swirl Hawk sell for over 1k on eBay a while back?

When I was selling my VTWO one guy mistook it for an OYY blast and Coffin himself said it’s not but looks really similar, at least in the lighting of my picture.

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Yes, but right after he dropped the $1000; the buyer was recaptured and sent back to the Nut House…


Not sure.

I’ve sold several aluminum yoyos for $500+, even a couple of wood fixed axles for over $500. There are a number that sell higher, usually rare collector items.