My Holy Grail Yoyo

First off I’d like to thank Big Nic for helping me find this yoyo.  I have been searching for this for five months and someone finally came through.  Without further ado, here is the test run 1/1 USA Hatrick Vendetta sent to Ernie prior to the 20 they produced.

Edit: Sorry about the pics… here is the direct link.

Glad you like it… already well missed!! But its in a good home now :wink:

Happy throwing!

Will you do $50 shipped?

There is a regular one on the bst for $500, so sorry.

Ok so I don’t want to overpay, Ill offer $45 and a busted up FHZ.

I can’t tell if you are serious ???

makes me want some pepsi

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I love reading Holy Grail Yoyo threads. I find them very informative. I had no idea this is worth well over $500 let alone I even existed :slight_smile: glad you found it, Man!

I think you mean, “let alone it existed.” I am just going to hope that you know that you exist. :smiley:

Send it to me for a bead blast.

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Yeah just joking, its always hard to get that across on the internet :stuck_out_tongue: Its really an amazing throw and I doubt you would even sell it anyways haha! Im glad you found what you wanted most and I hope you enjoy it as much as possible.

Its not. Not even close. Pt he guy who has it listed at $500 just has it there in case someone is half-witted enough to pay that much. Otherwise he’s just bragging…

I thought it was sarcasm :wink:
And yes, it is not worth $500, I was just using that as a reference point.

Kinda like that guy who has a DTYY listed as $500 lol

Here’s MY Holy Grail yoyo…


Congrats, it’s a very cool throw. I really like the way the halves are lined up in the first pic that Big Nic posted.

I’m glad this thread helped you become self-aware!! Sounds like a lifechanging read, then.

Haha nice James. :smiley:

How do you match the halves?