My Holy Grail is Here!! A story of my search

Well it seems like there is that one yoyo that each yoyoer wants that evades your hands for some reason, your Holy Grail.

There has been a yoyo that I have specifically wanted since it was dropped almost a year ago. This yoyo is a special edition Deadly Spins Wrath that was released here on YYE. When I first seen pictures of it on the DS Facebook I was hooked! It was the nicest colorway I have ever seen on a yoyo and on one of my favorite yoyos of all time. Problem was I didn’t have money for that release and even if I did there are only 5 of them and it was a favorite of everyone’s and it sold out extremely fast.

So this yoyo I knew I needed to have someway and somehow. So basically since then on every BST post I made this particular Wrath was on my wants list. I know the 4 of the 5 owners we’re and tried to see if any of them would be interested in selling or trading it. Of course with the amazing looks of it none would part with this. So my search for my Holy Grail is still on.

A few months ago I was in contact with one of the owners of this 1 of 5 Wrath and after talking the owner wasn’t ready to part with it. The owner is a major collector and having this leave would leave a void in his collection. I understood even though I still wouldn’t be owning this yoyo. Kinda made me sad but the owner promised if it was to ever leave it would go to my hands which reassured me.

A couple times I would message the owner hoping he was read to part with it with no avail. So I gave up trying to get it through him since it was probably never going to happen. Then about a month ago I get a message from an awesome forum member who I knew owned one of them saying that he would be willing to part with it. So after a long phone call and dealing we finally came to a deal and today is the day my search has ended.

I won’t go into the details of the deal but this member is awesome for giving me the shot to get this bad boy. This yoyo is something that will never leave my collection. I am not a collector so the rarity has nothing to do with my love for it. Its the color scheme and the fact its on my favorite yoyo. There is just something about it I love.

I want to thank yoyodoc for being an amazing guy and ending my search. Mo is a stand up guy and all he wanted to do was the help end my search and that is possible thanks to him.

Thank you so much for getting this to me and hope you all enjoy the story and the pics :slight_smile:

Cool story, bro!

Wrath is so good…and that colourway is great!

Is there any end to the awesomeness of mo? He makes dreams come true!
Congrats on the find

Yea Mo is the holy grail ender haha! Such a cool guy.

I’ll give you 15 for it, jk that’s really cool I love the color way!

Cool beans.

Welcome to the club!

Yessir! Feels good haha. I wonder who that fifth owner is??? The world may never know.

Mr. Chavez is a good man.

That colorway is hot. I love me some purple

Congrats dude! I should be getting a Wrath in a bit myself. Gonna see for myself if this thing is as good as you and others say, or whether it’s just bias and hype :smiley:

You’ll love it man! If you don’t I’ll take it of your hands lol…seriously though a really good YoYo, but I am a little bit biased.

He’s serious…he will take a wrath off of anybody’s hands.

Such an awesome yoyo. I’m still bitter about having it in my cart and getting all the way through the process only to get denied at the last second.glares at Mullicabob This is one of the yoyos that I personally tried to track down for the better part of a year, and I know where they all rested but one, which I still don’t know.

Good story though, I like to hear about how people get ahold of their personal “Holy Grail” and why it is that the want it so much. This one, Genji’s samurai FHZ, my personal story with the purple heart ministar, etc. I think they are interesting how something that isn’t really important to others can mean so much to one person.

Congrats to you!

Obligatory sell it to me if you ever part with it :wink:

ill ding it all up if u wnt

You should buy, steal or make a beater and send it off to me. I’ll hook you up with a powdered replica.

Since I feel so bad I took your potential one from you. ::slight_smile:

A speckle job like this with flat ano powder O.O

Haha I’m on the prowl for a cheap wrath now.