150 buck for a pure yoyo?
what the things that go up and down
are we on the same page here?
it better clean my room for me

You have a Skyline.

Check it:



pahhhhhhhhhhhhh i wouldnt ever pay over 20$ for a yoyo

Well the reason for that price is the sidecaps. They are machined separately from the halves and mounted on them afterwards. This requires some more processes than you normally have when just machine the halves. But except for the high price, it has stunning look and performance.

Addment: Take a look at the gold version and your mouth will drop.

No, barely any Yo-Yo today goes up and down besides for Duncan Butterfly’s or Imperials.

Here: This is what a Yo-Yo can do.


That’s Samad’s newest video. VERY good! One of my favorite. :wink:


That’s an old one, but we have battles here, and that’s Kim-Lan’s video.

We have TONS more from members here, and those are only examples.

evan show me gold
does any yoyo cost 10000

what a funny guy with the whipped cream

no yoyo that i know of cost that much. the more well known expensive yoyos are catch 22 and mg

The most expensive I’ve ever seen is the Catch 22 by YoYoFactory: $450 I think.

That’s Samad. He is a ninja…

No yo-yo on the market is selling for 1000. The most expensive ever sold was around 16 thousand and it was a collectors or whatever.

i bout one for 1 dollas at doller tree and its awesome!
almost as good as my skyline

That funny guy was Samad, our FORUM EXPERT!

Here’s a picture of a gold (covered) Yo-Yo. There aren’t ACTUAL gold Yo-Yo’s, just dipped. It’s a SPYY Pure. About $390 at YoYoNation.Com

No, there wasn’t a $10,000 Yo-Yo. It was a joke at YoYoNation.Com. If you bought a YoYoFactory metal Yo-Yo, you’d get it for $50. Now, they’re about $65 here. And, anywhere else.

a joke
there was a 10000 dollar for a joke?

are all of the “experts” funny?

No, not all. They can be quite serious when new members play funny buisness.

It was a JOKE. It’s been over for 4 months now.

well samad like whipped cream
and pheenix picture looks gross
and the others idk

Never mess with Super-Shok Flakx. It’s seriously some of the best stuff I’ve ever tasted.

He’s kinda getting on my nerves a bit. He posts like 20 topics in 1 min.

ah if you eat that you might just…ah…eat me…RUN!!!

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