What is the smallest yoyo with hub stacks that you know of that’s available?

Smallest I’ve found is the 444 with a diameter of 47.76, but if anyone knows of any smaller ones please lmk.

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The Big Deal is probably the smallest. 25mm diameter, good luck ever finding one though.

The smallest obtainable hubstack yoyo is probably the 66% 888 at 38mm diameter. (66% 888s are still in stock at Japanese store behind the company, which I’ll refrain from linking)


I think that 444 is going to be it for smallest. Loonie and Toonie from Rain City are tiny and you can put legos on the hubs, but they aren’t hubstacks. Zeekio Spin Cycle is bigger at 55mm, and also the only yoyo I’ve received in the last 4 years that I would call unplayably awful.

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Thanks for the reply. I wonder if there would be a way to mod the toonie to play with hubstacks.

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I wouldn’t necessarily make any cuts into a yoyo that small that costs that much, but if you get creative with legos you may be able to build a couple stacks for it!

If you really wanted to drill through it though, maybe @yoyospirit could chime in. He’s stacked some wild stuff.

Could you please send me a message with the link? I can’t find it. Thank you!!

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The 444 is fun and a bit of a challenge. I’m no good with the hubstacks! :slight_smile:

Not available but I think the Big Deal was probably the smallest. ~25 mm diameter.

I think so too. It’d be crazy to see one in person, I’ve known if it since I was like 12.

May be dating myself here but personally I think the smallest I’ve had was an Alchemy CU with a hubstack
Kit installed.

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Loved those mods back in the day. I remember an old video of someone using a CU with tiny double dice and I loved it.

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Is that yours? If so, I wonder, how in the world did you get one?

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Yep. It is in my collection. Bought it years ago.

Haven’t seen a big deal in a long time.

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Do you think you can make a video of you playing with it? Ive never seen a video of a Big Deal before!


I will once i find some of my flea string. Can’t remember where I put it. May need to make some. Here’s a photo of the original mighty flea, big deal, mini panzer and secret prototype panzer.


That’s amazing. Howd you get that mini panzer prototype?

They were included in the first few mini panzers that YYE sold.

Dam, I wish I could’ve gotten one