YYF Big Deal?

Are people still interested in buying the big deal. I wanted one so I looked and looked and could not find them for a while then all of a sudden I found some brand new ones still in the packaging that got put on a shelf when they first came out. I am hesitant about buying them as the owner said he wanted to get rid of them. I noticed they are not in production anymore and am wondering if I’m wasting my time picking these up and putting these up for sale on ebay. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I might buy one depending on the price

Well he said he would give them to me for $80 bucks a piece with free shipping so I probably would set the ebay to start at $80 and see how high the bids got. They are after all a collector item. But would they go for more then $80?

I’d get one if I could. But I’m not willing to pay $80 for it. See if he’ll accept $60 and let the negotiations begin. It’s been sitting around collecting dust so it’s not like he’s been making money on it.

It’s a tiny yo-yo with hubstacks… I think people would buy it.

They retailed at $80*. So if he is trying to get rid of them, why would he sell at full retail? Ask for a 50% discount and see what he does. You should be able to get a better deal if you buy lots of them off of him. You could probably sell them easy for $50, $60-$70 is possible but it will take longer. So if it were me, $50 would be my highest offer, if your sole purpose is to resale.

Your target customer is someone who is newer to yoyoing, since most of those who have played with a smaller yoyo have already had the novelty wear off. Small yoyo’s are like hubstacks, they are great fun for 30 minutes then they only get played with once in a great while. Those who know that won’t pay much, but someone who hasn’t played with one will pay more.

*Source: YYN - Big Deal

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I’d be really hesitant. The Big Deal plays exactly like a tiny yoyo with gigantic hubstacks on it would be thought to play, in that it plays pretty darn bad.

I’d just see if you can find some Mighty Fleas. They are pretty much the same and a hundred times more playable.

I’d be a bit hesitant since they have multiples, but depending on the person’s feedback, then that determines whether or not to trust them.

Well thanks for the input guys. I think he was trying to get his retail out of it and he gets to dump them off on someone else so I picked one up for myself for collection reasons cuz I never picked one up in 2009. I was thinking this deal sounded funny and when I backed out and only bought one he said that was fine he had someone else .who would get them. Oh well.

Tiny yoyos vs hubstacks vs tiny yoyos with hubstacks.


I think it’s up to the individual to determine what gets old fast. Personally right now, I don’t care for hubstacks. I see a lot of potential in there though. I can do pull starts now, but I just can’t do anything after that. Just need more skills in general.

The thing I like about the Mighty Flea is that it’s so small it forces you to improve your “game”. I see it as a training tool. Then again, I have a growing collection of yoyos, each with different attributes, each one bringing something different to the equation. Think you got your act together? The Mighty Flea will show you just how much you DO or DON’T, once you can master how to throw it!

For really small yoyos, while I have a Mighty Flea, I recommend an Aoda Littles. The can be had for cheap if you know where to look. It also play like a full sized due to it’s shape and proportions, plus it has the benefit of using full sized strings, although you will want at least Type 6 strings as it uses what I think is an concave A-bearing. The adjustment period is easier.

The Big Deal is a Mighty Flea with hubstacks. Since the yoyo isn’t much bigger than the stacks, it’s almost like they Z-Stacked it. I know this item will sell NOW because it sold THEN and people have been asking for it ever since then. A small note for those who don’t know: these use special thinner strings that are also SHORTER. So, yes, you do need special strings for these yoyos.

Yes, the Big Deal and Mighty Flea are designed to appeal to a very niche audience within a niche audience. My objective is to get good enough so that when I go on vacation or out and about, the Mighty Flea will be my goto yo-yo.

That ^^^^ sounds like an equation for vibe.