Is the "Big Deal" still for Sale?

This is NOT a “Looking for” B/S/T thread. I might post one there if I can’t find one.

I’m curious:

The Big Deal has been on my wishlist as long as it has been out. I was browsing the Internet earlier today looking for a depot to get the Big Deal. I found ancient websites from 2010 that were out of stock. Anyone know if YYF still makes this yo-yo?

Not in production. One run only produced of 500 pieces.

Do you have any Idea why?

He’s YYF Ben…
He runs YYF

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Saw one in BST just the other day unstacked Big Deal for like 25.00 IIRC ?

if you get a big deal, you really need the big deal string. I bought one from a local brick and mortar shop that got some in, and all they had was normal string. I bought one and could hardly use it, ended up returning it a few minutes later. Great novelty, but not all that usable really. (it’s probably different if you actually have the proper string)

That’s why I asked

mighty flea string works fine for the big deal.

It was something we made because we wanted to play with. Now we have them :slight_smile: sorry we can’t make more but they were expensive and people criticize us for making expensive yoyos:-/

I love your expensive yo-yos! The 888x is my best!

and my skyline is legit!