The YYF Big Deal release date?

Is there a set date for the release of the YYF Big deal ??? I sooo want one

Do you have any pics of it? I have no idea what it looks like.

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Its a Butterfly Mighty Flea.

And don’t forget about the fact that it has stacks

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haha. It’s a play on words.
big deal, when it’s a small yoyo… hahaha…

How much do you thinks it gonna be I say around $55.

EDIT: The one on didn’t have Stacks? ???

this is awesome im sooo excited its almost like a g.5 but it smaller and its butterfly

Hmmm, maybe they haven’t updated the site in a while… Or someone modded one already… But I doubt that.

I know there will be a stacked, and stackless version. I don’t think there’s a set release date as of yet.

Badum ching.

Why is it that when a company shows pictures of a new yoyo in the works, everyone expects a release date and price right away? For god’s sake, contain yourself and be patient a little while.

My two cents.

Samad haven’t you ever gotten excited about a yoyo :wink:

Yeah, but why can’t you just be patient?

Some people get money and want to know when it will be out so they don’t get a G5(example) and then the yoyo comes out an hour later.

You really shouldn’t impulse-yoyo-purchase… I reccomend everyone, next time your b-day comes around and you get 90 dollars, dont decide to buy a 90dollar yoyo… Or two 45 dollar yoyos, and instead, put the money away, or atleast some of it. and every now and then, maybe once a month kick 5 bucks into the savings, and then forget about it… Six months from now… ZOMGGSSS!!! LOOK AT TEH NEW YYF/YYJ/ONEDROP/GENERALYO/ECT YOYO!!! BLARHGAPHONE!!! I WANTZ 1SO BAD!!!1!1!

Wait… I my yoyo fund! Thanks Mitch!!

May those two cents be counterfit pennies.

HaHa! ;D

Funny thing that you stole that from me. :stuck_out_tongue:

From your freinds email…

But you got it through me lol.

Well they’ve been teasing about this since the holidays, so it seems reasonable that at least some sort of firm-ish date would have been announced by now. I believe Ben had said “late february” not too long ago, but the latest semi-official statement is “within the next few months.” sigh… Patience is a virtue; keeping money in my bank account, now that’s a different story :-\