What is the retail value of your yoyo collection?

im talking if its beat or not, the brand new price of your yoyos.

$1350 ish retail value for me!

Like 2750$ give or take 100$, don’t feel like counting.

I plead the fifth


Irrelevant. While I do have hard numbers, the value to me exceeds their sale or bst numbers.

My collection is shared at meets to bring enjoyment to others and give others the opportunities to try things that they may otherwise not have access to.

It’s my personal stuff, made accessible to others at meets. The joy my collection brings to me and to others is beyond money.

I think mine exceeds $1200. But I think I only bought less than $200 out of all of those. But then, I don’t really keep track because I enjoy yoyos, I don’t count exactly how much I have.

Over $2000. Really don’t want to know the true number.

$7k-ish at last count…which unfortunately does not count the most recent spree.

too much.

Despite my five years of throwing its 250 my avalanche and mmn, im giving my mmn to a kid that just has a northstar because i dont use it anymore so its about to just be 135$ hahaha, im only gunna have one yoyo! Lolol

According to my yoyo database spreadsheet… $7887…


Mine, about the same. The vast majority purchased from YYE too. That would be retail value, but I’m sure if I sold them, I would not get the same value as what I paid for them. Actual value, probably closer to around 6k.

Retail… Like $950 after I Get either my Summit or Model 10…

about 350$

Last count, ~$827 not including shipping. Probably a little more.

Way over $4,000 maybe $5,000. I’m too lazy to count. God Bless - Moefv

$0.35 my collection is on fire!

515 for me!

(i have locks on my door…) XD

About $3000

120+95+60+85+140 = 500

But, since im good at finding b grade deals and recently won a yo, i really only paid …

0+95+30+85+50= 255